my simple small world
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2002-07-30 01:52:02 (UTC)

HELP! my insides are decaying

Hey.Today of those days where I feel like walking
into an ocean of memories and drowning since maybe there I
will feel relief or serenity.
I woke up after sleeping for like an hour.(damn insomnia..)
And just bumfucked around.....Then my friend called me
asking to go over to her house and I had nothing better to
do so I was like "sure"...
When I got there, we ventured off to go see our once best
friends....No one even said hello...and they kinda ditched
us without a word...These we're my best friends, we had
done nothing I felt rather alone...kinda.
Then we walked to the mall and this guy travis spotted me.I
ran into this store "Hot topic" get away from him.I
saw him enter the store so I crawled on the floor around
the body jewelry display trying to escape.It didn't work...
He started shooting off at the mouth at me..and I was
like "yeah....great" and left.(by that time I got up and
walked out-not crawled.)
So my friend and I walked back to "the manor" where our
friends were before, and I ran into my boyfriends cousin.
She was asking me about the other nite....when chris stole
a car and picked me up....I had no recalection of this..and
she told me he went off to "pick up his girl"...and that
wasn't yeah.That made me feel even more speacial
then I was already feeling...Then his other cousin started
accusing me of cheating on chris with "mark"...THAT NEVER
HAPPEND.....AND NO ONE (with the exception of the temptation)
So, it seems as if chris appears to be cheating on me...I
wonder if it's true...
Yeah, I'm having a great day......
There is only one person i'm chill with besides erin, but
they shall remain nameless under the grounds I can
incriminate myself......
But yeah, this person.......
They're awesome.............

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