Jena's Rants
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2001-07-06 15:04:02 (UTC)

Gun by side just incase i gotta run..........

Ohhh, what to do what to do????
One Fly Chick wants me to help her pick up some smoking
utensils after work. What a cutie, hmmm......why these
thoughts??? Nevermind! Too much to go into for a public
entry. So, my poor Hopinononefoot had quite an experience
last evening. He saved some woman's life. The same woman
who could have quite possibly ended his own. Last night we
had some kick ass storms and tornadoes go through the area
and when my poor Hoppy was driving home this idiot Twinky
Eating Bitch that can't drive worth a shit almost hit him.
Instead though she flipped her compact shit like two times
and landed upside down trapped in a smoking car. Hoppy and
two other guys broke the window and pulled her fat idiot
arse out. This just reiterates what I have always said -
people in Maryland can't drive!!!!!
Ughh......Jena has been sooooo very dead lately.
My energy is not what it use to be.
Dying is taking a toll on me.
Why can't I just be normal happy social flutterby Jena
while going through the process of death????
Oh well, at my funeral let's all wear tye dye and smoke
herb and burn patchouli fragranced incense.
What kind of music will we play?
Hmmm, I will take request.
Help me start planning the line up.