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2002-07-30 01:03:05 (UTC)

November 21st, 2002

It looks like my release date on the site was a little too
optimistic. My hope now is to get the money up by October
4th, 2002. That's my birthday. I'm hoping I'll get the
start up capital I'll need by then. If I do, I will then
be able to release the poetry by November. I'm choosing
that date for two reasons. It gives me the maximum time
required to get this project off the ground. Number
two...it's my grandmother's birthday. Since she doesn't
realize my book is going to be dedicated to her, I figure
this will make a hell of a birthday present. It's the best
I can give.
What do you think?
Anyways, all else hasn't changed and hopefully this date
will stick. I want this date in particular.
Take care all...hope to hear from you soon.
The Mad Scientist

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