My World
2001-07-06 14:52:38 (UTC)

I'm Back!!

Well, Well I wonder if everyone's having a better summer
vacation than me. It's so useless to me. I have to read 3
different books for advance courses I'm gonna take this
August. My U.S History book is about 700 pages!!

Well, I'm spending my summer indoors. And I hate it!! I
can't even leave my house cause my mom's sooooo....
overprotective. I can't stand it. You know, I just wanna
live a little. But when she does let me out it's only for
an hour or so. I mine as well stay inside. God, she's so
annoying sometimes. For one, she's starting a college
course online and I have to help her with the Math part of
it. It's not that it's problem but we were up 'til 11 p.m
last night working on some Math problems her online teacher
gave her out of a text my mom had to buy.

Byez for now,

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