Jess's fucked up little life
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2001-07-06 14:30:29 (UTC)

not ok

Today is just another day that seems like the last... I
start working on Monday, witch Im thankful for that. I
need a job so bad I dont even know what to do. Joe thinks
he gonna have all the change in the bottle cause he has to
work for 10 hrs.... but he only has to work for 4 days..
big difference in one day... 3 days off. I wish I could
do that. But I like to work.......when I work I dont want
to stop working. Ill work all weekend and into no days off
I dont care. as long as I can pay my bills. Joe thinks
that he cant stay at a job for a long time cause he says
its not his career. That is so stupid... most people that
have jobs... there not the job that they want. But he
thinks he can just quit a job cause its not his career and
he has no degree to go with it.It just buggs me. We have
been getting along ok latley. we have faught a few times
and I think he packed his bags once but nothing to
seriuos. I tell him I hate him alot but it means nothing
now. I say it so much it doesnt even have the meaning of
hate any more. Oh well. Joe wont go to the zoo with me
cause he says we have no money to go in the first place,
then if we go we wont enjoy our selves when were there. I
didnt care if we had money but thats what he thinks will
make us happy. I dont care.. He dont want to hang out any
more but it will change when we start working. Then we
probably wont hang out at cause hell want to sleep or
something. Well be ok though. Life is a drag. I got a
cat now his name is Johnny Blaze. Hes a orange tiger cat.
Joes boring he always watchin TV or playin on the
computer, or bitchin at me. I dont know though.. He
says well be ok. Or we are ok . But in my head all I can
think is im not ok , were not ok .