Manny Fresh

Manny Fresh's Life
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2002-07-30 00:25:05 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Ok Its Been A While Since Ive Signed In!Why?I Guess
Cause Ive Been Too Lazy TO Bother With It!Ok I Feel Like A
Fucken Dick At The Moment Full Of Rage And Anger Cause Of
One Fucken Person Who Tough It Would Be Cute To Throw Shit
In My Face But Its Alrite Cause I Could Care Less Bout Her
Fucken Ass At The Moment.I Remember At One Point My Parents
Once Told Me There Wasnt No Such Thing As A Friend!It
Pissed Me Off When They Told Me Cause It Was Hard To
Believe!Now Im Older And Ive Had My Experieces And Ive
Believe That Saying Is True! Sooner Or Later One Realizes
Theres No Such THing As A Friend Or Best Friend Cause
Theres Always A Purpose For Someone Doing A Favor For You!
Now And Days You Can't Trust Anyone Ive Learned That!Fuck
EVERYONE I Can Care Less Who You Are Cause Obviously You
Dont Mean Shit To Me!Gurls Haaa There All The Same!As For
Me I Cant Say Im Any Different If Im A Hoe Is Cause Ive
Made Myself Into One Why Cause Of The Mistakes Ive Done And
IF You Dont Know Bout Them, Maybe Is Cause I Chose Not To
Tell You So Fuck Off And Mind Your Own Fucken Business!Yall
DOnt Know Me At All!No One Does Cause I Rather Hide Then Be
Seen By All Yall Fakes!To That One Person! You Know WHo You
Are If Ya Want Some Knowledge Come And Ask Me For Some
Cause I Can Really Tell Ya What I Think Bout Ya And Give
YoU Some Advice!Im Not Perfect But I Know What Goes On And
How Shit Works!Ive Been Screwed,Backstabbed,Lied To, Messed
With,And Fucked With To Know Much Better!I Can Honestly Say
I Can Over Think Over Immaturaty Whis Some OF Yall Are Full
Of!Fuck Yall Especially You Know Who!Im Tired Of Yall Thinkin Im
Someone Who Yall Can Just Take Advantage Off Well Sorry To Say So But
No Ya cant Im Not Any Different!Im Not Gonna Be Beggin And Lookin
Like a Fool Anymore Not Just Friend But My Fucken Parents!And TO That
Fucken Person WHo Keeps Throwin Cryin In My Face Ya Think Its Funny
Just Wait Till The Day Comes You Cry For Someone Everything Will Come
Back To You!If Not Yet I Hope Soon You May Say Your Kiddin But Do I
Joke Bout Your Problems Or AS A Matter Of Fact That last Inccident We
Had That YoU Got Mad At Me About!No!!! So Called Friends Are There TO
Listen And Give Advice Not To Make Fun Off!Im Out Manny Fresh

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