the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-07-29 23:11:10 (UTC)

Micheal Mac-Myer nugget

yeah so i went ans saw Halloween resurection and well I
dunno but that is soo gay .. for those who have seen it ..
WTF he is all charcoaled and then he still lives and for
those who haven't now ya know .. yes he lives his sister
dies in the beginning and well the movie is kinda gay ..
thats right it sucked in the worst way .. humm so yeah ne
ways I don't like MIke .. i have figured it out and the
creepy guy Phil keeps calling .. well he called today and i
was all yeah i will call u back .. yeah right i never
called back .. I wanna see that new movie 8 mile soooo
bad .. yeah i love Eminem .. thats right i think he is
soooooooooooo hot ! I was all wow .. him and Brittany
Murphy would make an awsome couple .. I dunno why though ..
maybe because they are on the same level of trashiness.. i
dunno ... i dunno but i would deffently love to date
Eminem .. for real .. i dunno well that really all i wanted
to say so later