Jess's Journal
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2002-07-29 22:08:02 (UTC)

Your typical boring day

Yeah..today wasn't much fun. didn't do much. just cleaned
to earn my allowance. i do have a gripe though. why is it
when one girl does a bad thing to a guy..like picks another
guy over him..the guy goes off and accused all girls of
being that way. no way possibly can all of us be that
horrible. just picture it..the guy wouldn't have ranted if
he was in the other guys shoes so why do this and take it
out on everyone else. and another thing. no money can't buy
everything. who could buy love? you can maybe think you can
but u can never force someone to love you. it's all a
matter of the heart. money can't buy that. ughh. money
could never buy what i feel for matt or what we have. i'll
always love him with all my heart. now that you can't buy.
never. he's the one i want to always be with. always. my
hun..what would i do without him?? i just don't know...