Lady Marmelade

Days of Reality
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2001-07-06 12:49:32 (UTC)

bored, bored, bored...

i have notin to do. this is seriously depressing. summer
vacation is supposed to be a time to hang out with friends
at our fave hangouts. yeah, right. instead, i'm stuck
indoors with my lil sis and writing in this diary shit. it's
not fair, where did all my friends go? probably out having
fun. ugh. oh well, at least i'm gonna be meeting roxy later
at the complex. we'll get a coupla books, and if i try hard
enough, i might even convince roxy to take a dip in the
pool. the indoor one, of course, it's like 14 degrees out.

i wonder, when i go to CB, is everything gonna change? i
don't know if i'll even like my classmates. cuz like, i'm
gonna be in the IB program, and most ppl in there are very
smart. most very-smart-ppl are geeks, nerds, losers, etc. of
course, roxy and i are exceptions. geeks, my ass. i dont'
even know why we're smart and get good grades, cuz more
often than not, we act more like flirty sluts than good
students. as lots of ppl tell us -- "if you weren't so damn
smart, u'd get the reputation as the school's slutty duo".
that's very rude, but i guess they're partially right. ne
way, i hope we're gonna find some normal people in the IB,
cuz i dont' feel like hanging out with rejects for the next
4 years of my life. oh, here's a buncha things i'm gonna do
at IB:
- i'm gonna get good grades, still. and keep up my
above-ninety avg.
- i'm gonna get myself a bf (or potential bf) within the
first month of school
- get at least 5 guys in my class to like me
- try out for the cheerleading squad
- join the student council (looks good on resume)
- do some kinda cool stunt to make sure the whole school
knows me
- make sure not to get more than 3 ppl in my class to hate
- NOT to get a reputation as a smartyass
- but also NOT to get a rep as a slut
- make enough friends and followers, if needed, to make sure
i'm never alone long enough to be bored

i guess thats the most important points for my highschool
goal for next year. i'm confident that i can do most of it.
i'll have fun next year, i know it. COLONEL BY, HERE I