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2002-07-29 21:21:58 (UTC)


nyc was great. i found some cool clothes and some of the
stores were awesome. we walked so much. we went from 34th
st. to 8th st. then from 8th to 43rd. then back to 8th then
back to 42nd. so it was a lot of exercise. we got to the
place the bus was supposed to pick us up like a 1/2 hour
before we were supposed to and waited til 8(the bus was
supposed to pick us up at 7) but we never found the bus. we
dont know what happened. then we asked some cops for help
but they were completely useless. tasha got scared and was
crying for part of it. she was really nervous. i called my
aunt she told us to go to the bus station so we did that.
and she figured out how we should get home. so we got the
bus tickets and had to wait til 11:30( if we had ridden our
bus home we would have been home by 11:30) and we took the
bus to albany, which was the closest it got to utica. and
then grandpa and dad had to drive there to pick us up. we
got home around 5 am. but overall it was really fun. i am
happy i found the clothes i did and we were lucky we had
enough money to get home. i would definatly do it again.

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