rundari's endless ranting
2001-07-06 12:36:12 (UTC)

and so it begins...

Blah,its morning.Mornings suck.Do you like mornings?If you
said no,you rock.So I guess I should describe myself? hair..tall,skinny,green eyes.People tell me I'm
shy for some reason,but I'm
not.Um..claustraphobic,hydrophobic,and kinda edgy around
dolls.I love to watch anime,read manga,draw,write,ride
horses and run.*phew*Hmm..what to sing,hate car
rides and school with a passion.

I stayed up all night again,actually had a conversation
with my dad,scary.Hell just froze over,lol.Well,dont really
have anything else to say,nothings happened yet today.So
here's me,signing out.

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