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2002-07-29 21:14:26 (UTC)

fuck 'em, fuck em all !

i've been watching a video from my mums house. Can
you believe the physco bitch put camera all over the
house, that record onto a tape. I took a tape when i left,
it has our day to day lives recorded onto it. The bitch
wanted to see what we did when she was away, and
the camera link, so when we change rooms they pick
up on movement, and record another room in the
I have a very strange family. For instance.. if one of my
sisters calls me bitch , she isn't insulting me. I will just
call her bitch back. We quote movies a lot too !

"The Diary of Bridget Jones" is one of our favorites...
people think we are so strange, because we will just
look at each other and say things like "so tell me more
about practicing french kissing with the other girls at
school" or "fuck 'em, fuck em all" or " oi, the mic's not
working, welcome to the lauch of ..... etc. etc. etc." or
"ah ! what an interesting life you do lead" or maybe
"i like you, just the way you are"... ultimately i think we
(my sisters and i) are about the three weirdest girls on
the planet.. but God it's so funny to see peoples faces...
they are like "what the hell ?" "these girls are mad "..
another one we are extremly fond of is "the man who
knew to little" also a very good movie !
i guess it's kinda of an inside joke.