Punk Rock Princess

.:* N i k k i *:.
2002-07-29 21:01:35 (UTC)

Settled In A New Home

Wow-e! It's hard to believe that I moved out to a beautiful
apartment at the beach. It's so great here. I've never felt
so happy in a long time. I have the best boyfriend on the
face of the earth and I can do just about anything I want
since I have no parents around! Party.. stay up all night,
sleep all day.. :) Yay! Heh. Well, okay. I do miss the
Southside alot. All my friends live over there and that's a
good 30 minutes away. I only wish more friends lived out
here so it would be easier to hang out with them. Mandy,
Rachel, Chris, Billy-- all live out too far now. Hmph.
Sucks. Oh yea. And no good skatepark is out here either. I
miss skating. :/ Well, other than those, the place is
great. It's only 5 min from the beach! What more could you
ask for?! Me and Jeff's room looks so good. It looks 100%
beachy. Got wave posters up, things made out of shells
everywhere, surf board and skateboard leaning against the
wall, etc etc. Well, I am gonna jet. Gonna cruise through
some more sites.. Yea, I am bored. :D