The Inevitable
2001-07-06 10:44:02 (UTC)


Hello, my names Richard Ladeza Monares. I was born in
Manila, Philippines and now reside in Peoria, Arizona. I
have spent the majority of my life traveling with my
parents whom are with the military, United States Air Force
to be precise. I was born on January 21st, 1983 in Manila
Philippines. I then moved to the States in the middle of
my 6th age. I had a beautiful 7th birthday in Missouri
with all my American side family. I also had Christmas
there. I had never seen snow before until I moved to
Missouri. It was quite beautiful, intrigued as much and
was profoundly fascinated. Alas, it was then on to Panama
City, Florida in Tyndall Air Force base. It was the place
where I matured and met good friends. I lived there for
almost 7 years. I was most sad when I had to leave again.
I cherished my memories of my young-teenage life. I moved
again, this time to a place where Viking's once held
battles of bravery. A country, a rock sized island with
both fire and ice. The scenery was unforgettable and so
beautiful. It was so fresh and clean with a young look
that you would adore. I lived there for 3 years. This was
the place where the majority of my maturity was held. I
grew happy there. It grasped and pulled forth my emotional
side. It was like a wizard, and I was its young quire. It
blessed me and opened my eyes. I would always walk through
a small field. A field where I would wear head phones and
listen to my music. I would look up at times and close my
eyes. I would feel like I was flying, flying somewhere
that I was guided upon. Now I miss those days. I truly do…