LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-07-29 18:42:34 (UTC)


Hi, I'm back after a small hiatus...and my spelling
hasn't gotten much better.
I've been working most of the summer, up in Minneapolis.
I've been an acting nanny. It was fun, I got to go to the
pool for free and to the park, and to the library....Maybe
I should do that here...
I alos got to go shopping. For an end of the year bonus,
and my birthday, I got a new leather jacket. It's really
nice, soft, and warm!
Also for my birthday, which is a little less then two
weeks away (It's next week on the 7.) I got a new
computer! Wow, I'm getting spoiled this year, and I
haven't even had my party yet!
Tiki says she knows what she's getting me, plus what
every one else is getting me too! This is going to be a
lot of fun!
I just hope we can go tubing, the boat still isn't home
yet, and I'm not sure Dad will be able to drive us. Well,
if Dad can't maybe Mike can.
We came back from the races last night. They were a lot
of fun. We kinda got rained out on Saturday, but we got to
make fun of the new lake, and got to go playing in it.
(The area next to us flooded and it was way over ankle
deep in spots.)
Well I should go. I've got stuff I should be working on.