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2002-07-29 18:20:02 (UTC)

July 29, 2002

It has been a long time since the the last time I have been
here. Just some up dates I am still very happy with my
boyfriend, he has changed everything inside to good. One
thing that has me really upset is that his friends have
disowned him. Is it because of me or NIlton I will never
know that is because Nelson does not want me to ask them. I
have done many favours for these "friends" such as getting
Paula a job, Monica, Natilia and the many more resumes
flowing through my hands. It is funny that people can be so
fake. Well things with my friends are the same Syl of
course tries her hardest to make sure that me and Nelson are
not on bad terms so she can run and tell Nilton, Victor is
the same Diane and Steve are not happy things are wrong
there but not my problem. Monica and Danny I have this
felling inside that that marriage is not going to last,
Chris and Arthur are the same Sooria and Bruno who cares
they realy make me sick with their lies and cover ups. I
wish that people who through stones at me for being and
waiting for Rui would just let me laugh at them now!

As you can see things are pretty much the same.

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