2001-07-06 08:29:19 (UTC)


A new culture is being formed in-between (interstitialy)
other cultures. Being that there is not and has not been
much room for cultural extension in the last few decades,
things have begun to grow between. Like a weed in the
cracks of pavement, they spring up. Foremost (in my me-
centric mind) are the ravers and the punks. Graffiti
artists. Street performers. Squatters and concrete
explorers. All the spice of just living life in the old
days (yes, i realize the trite-ety of this. bah!) has been
sucked out and replaced with the mundanity of slow,
cancerous deaths. TV and Advertisements are supposed to
keep us entertained while we troll about. Agh....too
I felt interstitial today. The sky had a luminosity and
colors to be reckoned with. Almost literally....i nearly
killed some people, staring at the sky while driving. Too
easily amused sometimes. The contrast of the artificially
lit buildings of Philadelphia against the colors and light
of the sky were amazing. We drove thru to AC, only to be
confronted with more of the same. By this time it was much
darker....but an odd occurence of some small, seemingly lit
objects hovered above the large buildings. We had a good
ole' time bopping ideas back and forth as to what they
were. "Flags? Lights? Seagulls? UFOS!?" Again, more people
were almost killed in traffic as we crawled along atlantic
ave at 20 mph, the entire car's attention focused on the
sky. Turn's out they were seagulls. It was more fun to
think that to know. Drove thru the area, taking a good long
time to find what we were after. Made friends with the
local odd and random connection in a small town.
Fun! Many hours later, we found our trophy....
Walked along the beautiful beach for a good long
time.....the rain of earlier had ceased, leaving only a few
clouds in the sky. But the remnants -made- the sky. The
moon was full, and the clouds flowed around it in that kind
of glacial, lava-lamp way. Beautiful. The sky, in its
entirety was too beyond words tonite. The clouds framed and
played with the light the moon sent out....all reflecting
off the water.
The sand was perfect.
The air was perfect.
The light was perfect.
The land has feels ripe for so many things. I
felt at one point, that I connected with Gaia in some way.
Maybe i'm getting steadily closer to her/it....maybe I'm
just crazy. But i felt some energy out there tonite, no
matter where it came from.
I'm happy, even if nothing's real.