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2002-07-29 18:06:45 (UTC)

lovin' life

my mom threw me a suprise birthday party. it was cool. it
was at this hotel and all my girl friends got to stay the
night with me in a room. i had a lot of fun.

fri. morning i left to go to a y-club conference at
cinvington, ga. i had so much fun. i meet so many new
people. i ran for state secratary and lost but it was a fun
experience. now i know God just has better things planed
for me.

i got back around 6 on sunday. and then i came home
whatched a little bit of black hawk down and fell a sleep.
i was tierd.

i want to go whatch auston powers gold member but i don't
have anyone to go with. i need to find someone. if i don't
i guess i'll have to by myself.(tears)lol

well i'm out for now.