Nick's Journal
2002-07-29 17:47:58 (UTC)

The sun is rising and I'm smiling

Do you ever feel that life comes in phases? Like some are
really obvious... like when you graduate from high school.
And some less so obvious... like when you and your best
friend start drifting apart. Anywho I feel right now I'm
in a whole new phase of my life then I was last school
year. This summer has helped me grown a lot. I wonder if
this really is true or if I just want to believe this. I
mean how much would life suck if really people never grew,
things never changed, and the only thing that changes is
meaningless details in order for us to believe life has
more meaning. I'm not sure exactly what I mean when I
write all this. All I know is that I see whats ahead of me
with fresh, optimistic eyes. I think because of all the
new yet familar things that will be around me. If the
future is too new its scary, and too familar its boring. I
see Tech but with new things to do and even a new apartment
to live in. I see old friends but with a new perspective
due to the people I met over the summer. The sun is rising
and I'm smiling. I just hope the future treats me as well
as my past phases have.


ps Nick is coming back!