Sic (SickLid)

Twisted Thoughts & Ranting
2001-07-06 08:04:41 (UTC)

Bored Outta My Gourd


Here I am once again, sitting at the computer with a beer
to my left and a smoke to my right. It's amazing I'm even
able to type sometimes because I'm so busy doing other
shit. I went and saw the movie Joe Dirt at the cheap
theater by the Galleria. It was pretty lame but I caught
myself laughing here and there. It sure was a hell of a
lot better than when I went and saw A.I. with B! the other
day. Goddamn, that movie totally sucked. I'm kinda
parusing the AOL chat rooms to absolutely NO avail. I
swear, 90% of the people in these chat rooms have to have
no more than the I.Q. of a Dixie cup in order to be allowed
to chat. Sifting through the masses is apparently a
painstaking process. I got the first (re-released) Staind
album, Tormented. It's actually pretty good, aside from
the horrible guitar tone. It's somewhat reminiscent of how
I viewed SickLid when I first joined on 9 months ago or
whenever it was. I've been drinking a lot, my liver and
back is constantly killing me. Maybe I'll chill out on it
someday soon - but hell, I'm 21 for Pete's sake! I'm
supposed to be drinking my rum and coke (or beer - or just
about anything with an alcohol content, for that matter)
like it's going out of style. I think I'm going to go
blaze a bowl of some sticky greens and hope to find at
least one or two people on AOL that aren't among the bottom-
dwellers at the lower part of the food chain. Wish me
luck! Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the band site,
for those of you who haven't been - it's!