fake plastic diary
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2002-07-29 17:32:04 (UTC)

electroclash music

that guy probably just wants to be ur mate cos ur good to
be with. but if u really dont like him, im sure he'll get
the hint soon. i think it would be crueler if u told him
that u dont like him. nobody wants to be told that theyr
not liked. keep on teasin him, he'll soon hate you. problem
solved. and what were u doin drinkin pepsi? lemon coke
(diet) is the drink of the summer. duh.
we didnt go to a club for many reasons. it was thursday
nite. clubs r pretty shit on a thursday. plus we all got
split up, and it just turned out better to go back home.
and we didnt have much money. the shed? hmmmm i thought i
mentioned that before....obviously not. well, that was one
of the best parties we've ever had. basically, my dad
wanted to get rid of our two sheds. i wanted a party. so i
invited some mates round, my dad went out, and we started
to demolish the first shed. then we all got slightly
tipsy/pissed/completely plastered and then my dad decided
to come home to check on us. alcohol is a big no-no with my
dad.....he thinks i never drink or do anything. well, thats
what he tries to think. so we were nall tryin to act sober,
but the kitchen was a complete mess with loads of bottles
everywhere and drink all over the floor and stuff. but
oddly enough he left....after shouting a bit. then we just
went back out. we had like hammers, a pick-axe and we just
pulled the whole shed down. then we started a fire in the
garden. plus we had three tents pitched cos we were campin
out. loads of stuff happened. nics bra ended up on a tree,
laura fell over xens tent and broke it, dave set his hand
on fire on purpose which scared lauren away home, dave set
the grass on fire, dave nearly set the tents on fire,
everyone was goin with everyone else, i think stacey gave
daves brother a suck in my dads bedroom....but i still dont
actually know.....it was just really cool.
sadly, if i died, i really doubt it would make any news. i
was reading our local paper the other day, and there was
this guy who died in a fire and they gave it a tiny little
article on page 17, and there were only two obituary things
for him. i think thats really sad.
hey the beast was great. dont diss the beast. he turned out
all nice and then was transformed back into the handsome
prince....how romantic and lovely. i felt it should be
included on my film list cos its probably the film i have
watched the most times in my life. hundreds. it was my fav
when i was about 7 or whatever. its the only disney video i
own. it was all french, and romantic and good to sing along
to. yeah the candle was great. really poncy. plus he gets
the feather duster girlie at the end. very kinky.
i went to the imperial war museum north on saturday. its
pretty cool. the have a harrier jump jet and a russian
tank. and if thats not impressive then i dont know what is.
have you been watching the commonwealth games from the
glorious city of manchester? ive got addicted to athletics
syndrome. i hate it, but i cannot resist its power. i
really wish id gone to actually watch it live, but i
havent. some of my friends have. and my mum went to the
rehersal for the opening ceremony.
i might be going to live with my mum for half the week if
she gets a council house. margo wants me and mark out of
the way on the same nights that her kids go to their dads
so that they can be alone together (shudder) but she can
fuck off if she thinks im stayin at mums just to fit in
with what she wants. i'll stay mon night-friday morning at
mums. thats whats most practical for me.
melting today. it is so hot. i lied to three people to get
out of going for walks, cos i just wanted to stay in our
house which is permanently freezing. but eventually, i gave
in and went out with chaz to the bank. she earns loads of
money. i need a fucking job. its driving me mad. i went to
the job centre and they had nothing. i dont know where else
i can ask. we went to popeys later so that she could get
her cds back. we watched freddy got fingered. then chaz
fell out with popey cos he was doin her head in. he was
pissin me off the other nite actually. well, alot. he just
goes on about weed and all things related to weed and his
weed friends and his weed parties and his mats, bongs and
roll ups. i just dont even give a shit. im glad she had a
big go at him. then he went upstairs to get her cds. took
ages. then just threw them down the stairs at her like a
baby throwing toys from his pram.
oooh i am so into this cd. its fischerspooner. have you
heard them? they sing "emerge" you'll probably have heard
it. its electroclash music. i love it so much. gaz copied
it for me. hes got loads of cds which he copies for
everyone. he gets loads of money from doing it. but he gave
me this for free cos im family. aw. and the about a boy
soundtrack by badly drawn boy. but ive not had time to
listen to that yet. but this is so great. and have you
heard the new weezer song? cant remember what its called
but its got the muppets in the video. i just think its so
summery and cool. and the streets. theyr cool. and
royksopp. i love them. i got their album a while ago cos i
liked their song "poor leno" and the video is cool. they
released "remind me" and its been on mtv2 and Q quite alot
and the vid for that is real good too. i bet u dont have a
clue what im goin on about. nevermind. i just like a lot of
music. im really looking forward to leeds. i should stop
goin on about it but its really gonna be great. ooooh
anyway, not sure what else so sorry for not writing for
ages (again) but loads of love