Rebeccas Diary
2001-07-06 07:29:06 (UTC)

shellys coming to visit

im pretty excited about tommorow shelly (my moms old
friend from cali) is coming to visit. shes REALLY nice
and it's gunna be a blast i hope. and tommorow im
gunna be where jonah but i dont think im gunna talk to
him or go near pacsun. my mom thinks hes a perb
cuase he likes a girl he thinks is almost 17 and he just
thinks im easy(she didnt use those words but thats
basically it) but like him and we have alot in common,
know who i hate MANDY MOORE shes such an
untalented freak, inb the in my pockert music video i
swear to god she looks liek she has a mullet!but shes
not as bad as willa ford, she cant sing and is pretty
ugly. well i gtg, CIAO FOR NOW!

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