2001-07-06 06:48:08 (UTC)

if i killed myself. all of this..

if i killed myself.
all of this would go away.

isnt that weird to think about.

i mean no one really knows what happens when you die.
it might be better
it might be worse.
but it would hopefully be different.
i dont hate my life
i just hate the stupid people in it
and the stupid people vastly out weigh the nice people

and i hate the fact that i am no better than the people i
i cant quit.
i cant deal with this pain anymore.
i have fucking gone crazy.
no one understands anymore.
i dont even.

i want my old life back
i want to be happy again.
i want the before sandy back
shes seriously fucked me up
and i dont have drugs now.
and i dont know what im doing.
i am not happy.
i am not happy.
and i dont know what to do about it