The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2002-07-29 15:58:46 (UTC)

I dunno

Sad sad sad sad why must I be sad, when rows of dandelions
growing all around me.
-They Might Be Giants-

Ill close my eyes,so I dont have to see you leave
Tell another lie, anything to make you stay
Think of all the times, think of everything we had.
-Fenix Tx-

Tonight Ill stand in the light so you can count how many
tears fall from my eyes.
-The Starting Line-

Shes built and torn down anyone thats gets close to her
-New Found Glory-

I wake up like a comet dizzy from the re-entry and Im on
fire, Im on fire.
-The Benjamins-

And then you bring me home, cause youre afraid to find out
that your alone and Im sleeping in your living room.
-Something Coporate-

When the first star you see might not be a star.
-Jimmy Eat World-

This ones for all the suckers who still believe in love,
this ones for you.
-Reel Big Fish-

What if I told you that your a stupid whore?
-Rx Bandits-