My Life
2001-07-06 06:43:52 (UTC)


Hi...My name is Amber and I am 13 years old. I live in
SC..*rollz eyez* It sux here, there's nothing to do.
Anywayz...I am probably going to talk a lot about Zack, my
boyfriend because I seem to do that a
Anywayz...the other day, Zack and I were talking online and
we got in a little argument and he said, "How bout we just
not go out anymore, k?" and i said no...and thank god...he
didnt break up with me. I sent the conversation to Chris,
Zack's best friend and he said that Zack has me wrapped
around his finger, which is true. I love him, and I would
do anything for him. Most people say that you can't love
anyone at 13, but they don't know shyt. Zack and I aren't
arguing anymore...we just talk like he never said
that...but now i know how he feels and I kinda think that I
should go ahead and break up with him because I don't want
him to feel like he has to stay with me, I want him to be
Well, I am f*ckin tired, so I am goin 2 sleep.

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