I Debbie...
2002-07-29 15:48:44 (UTC)

Perspective II

Have you ever noticed that for every direction there is an
opposite? Up/Down Left/Right Front/Back? And so on...

Sometimes I think that we as adults forget about that whenw
we are faced with a problem. We think to ourselves "Self"' ,
how are we going to get out of this and off we go in one
direction without sometimes forcing ourselves to consider
other options. Or we consider so much that we loose
ourselves in them,forever being stuck in indecision.
Sometimes we are like a car, stuck in the mud. We have to do
back in order to go forward because instead of avoiding the
area we plunged right through. And there we are in a trench
with only our wits to guide us.

And sometimes we as adults forget that there are two or
more sides to everything and that people's opinions are not
nor should they be catgorized as one or the other. We are so
bent on saying someone is ,to pardon the saying,"Full Of
Shit, that we forget they are probobly saying the same of
us. Unless something is an established fact supported by
scientific proof than what we are talking about are opinions
or beliefs. Now, if what we choose to do with these later
two create actions that we carry out, than these can be
labeled. For example, people can believe in a certain
religion or ideology. If they persecute others because they
believe a caertain way this is wrong. The person is wrong
not the idea behind it. It is the interpretation,not the belief.

And sometimes people just look for an excuse so they can
hurt or think or just sit there in their world and do nothing.