Dark Secrets
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2002-07-29 15:38:20 (UTC)

i love him. but he has..

i love him. but he has disappoint me...alot.
he is cold blooded.
he doesnt care abt me.
u all should be thinking why im still with him.
although he is all that, he is nice at times.
we share great moments, went through quite alot.
it sounds like a pointless relationship. Maybe, but i love
maybe it's time for me to evaluate this relationship.
he is always in control...
and im too tired to type anymore.
im struggling within myself.
but its time to see in a third party's pt of view.
is he worth all my love and effort all these while?
whats with him that im so stuck like glue to him.
why are things so unfair to me?
its time to leave..
time to be in control.
how many times i have said that?
y do i have to be so useless?
im not a useless bum to him.
pls for goodness sake.....just stand by ur own views,
standing strong, he will respect u more. u do not need him
to live on. he is a worm in ur apple. wont help if u are asking for help.
no one can help much have others advice u, comfort
u, does it seem to help at all? maybe they dun understand
you...But...its the fact, they see things more clearly than
u do. U love him, but that doesnt mean a relationship can
do everything. Why do u need a relationship to live???? why
cant u be more independent? why are u there torturing
urself...letting someone torture u just because u wanna
keep this relationship?? where is ur god damn pride? do u
deserve any respect? Where is ur soul? DO U LOVE
URSELFFFFFFF??????????? if u do, u wouldnt continue being
like this?? why cant u be in charge of ur own lifeeee? why
dun u find meaning in ur life? stop blaming situations and
no one is to be trusted --_--.
u live for ur own sake.....
pple are just there for ur learning experiences, they
shower u with love, and support...but...there is no one u
can rely on, thats life, face it! everyone is selfish.
pls learn to love urself and be strong.. For once, pls
stand up for urself. Tell me u love urself.

pls feel free to comment, i would greatly appreciate it.
And i guess, it will give me more courage.