Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-06 06:38:41 (UTC)

Thursday July 5,2001

*Time: 12:58am hehe so its the 6th so what... i'm writin
what happened on the 5th
*Wearing: My Bellbottom jeans with my white shirt that
clips in the front
Jewelry: My nugget ring, my cross ring, my 3 bracelets,
and my cross neckless
*Hair: Down
*Listenin to : Nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: Dr. Pepper/nothing
*Song of the day : Umm... none really
*Weather: Its dark and sorta cool like 68 degrees maybe
less earlier today it was sunny and really hot
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: Happy and Suspicious
*Thinking: Umm... I never knew tarot cards were so ... how
can I say true ... and also.. I wonder if John is really
Kelly in disguise..

~~~Sumthing I forgot to mention yesterday.. July 4th~~~

Adrian left me an email sayin that he would love to meet
me.. and also gave me his number to call him... I haven't
called him yet but I will tomorrow :)


My mom woke me up today to tell me that she broke my
clown bank and nearly one of my Prince cds... So yeah I
woke up yellin... there is 2 things u do not mess with in
my life...and they are my family/friends and my music...
lol I mean my cds and cd player are like my babies so don't
fuck with them... lol Well anywho my mom wanted me to go to
work with her... So we both got ready and left... when we
got there I was like bored out of my mind... and I was just
sittin there... well Laura Jo wanted my mom to tell her
future with her Tarot cards.... My mom started... but she
didn't really understand the cards and she it seemed like
everyone was coming in... I started to look up what the
cards meant... and I was like hey I could do it... Laura Jo
was like ok then lets start over... and I told her future
with the cards... and most of what I told her made sense..
It was soo easy all I had to do was think bout what each of
the cards meant.. and how they fitted together.. and I told
her a lot of stuff that shocked her that was true... hehe
I'm talented I know :) :) I also told my mom's future...
and I guess sumthing is goin to be comin up in which she
has to pick one thing over another... I think it has
sumthing to do with this man she is talkin to in Africa and
with David ... it said sumthing bout sum young child helpin
her which sorta fit me... and also sumthin bout a woman
that fits my gram I dunno but it was so odd... I told my
future.. u know just so I could learn the cards better...
and damn I tell u... a lot of what it said was true.. like
how I am cautious with guys now cuz of the way Bobby and
now even Jack have treated me...the cards also said
sumthing bout me going to be in a new relationship with
sumone.. and I'm guessin he is a dark haired man... so hehe
I think it may be Adrian... I dunno tho I'm goin to do mine
again a lil later and see what I come up with... overall
tho... I really like to use tarot cards.. they r like soo
cool and yet soo true!! Lol ok enough bout the cards..
anywho the rest of the time while I was at work with my mom
all I did was eat, talk to my mom, bother my mom(lol),check
out hot guys, and be bored... lol We got out of there at
like 11pm... and on our way home we had to go by Terri's to
pick sum stuff up and to drop off her check... then we came
home.. I got online.. and guess what... John still hasn't
wrote me back... :( But me and my mom got talking bout this
really interesting subject.. which is... me thinking that
John may actually be Kelly... I don't know why but I have
always thought that John may really be Kelly... cuz I have
noticed how much the both of them have in common ... and
they both seem to type the same way... I mean damn as far
as I know ... no one is that much alike ... cuz check this
out... Kelly used to be a wiccan... and so did John, Kelly
is bi and so is John, Kelly cuts herself and John has told
me he has done it, Kelly writes poetry and so does John...
I mean there is soo many things that both of them do or
have done that they have in common.. I find it too weird to
be possible ... and see Kelly is moving to Connecticut ...
and that's why she hasn't been online ... cuz she has to
get everything moved into her house.. u know things like
that ... well I find it odd that John hasn't been on.. and
I think that what he told me bout working more hours is a
lie.. cuz if he is actually Kelly.. that would be a way to
make me think that he is working and that's why he hasn't
been online.. but in reality... John is really Kelly and
she can't be online cuz she is moving... u know what I
mean? My mom came up with this really good idea... that I
will tell John the next time I talk to him that I'm coming
to Cail... on a whatever day.. and that I want to meet him
the day after I arrive.. so I need his number and need to
know where he lives so I can see him... and by however he
answers that..I will know if John is a real person... or
just a made up one played by Kelly... I dunno why Kelly
would do anything like that... but I mean hey its
possible ... and she is bi...so maybe she likes me I
dunno...I just have to find out if what I think is true or
not... but as of right now.. I have no clue how... but I
gotta think of sumthing.. and I know I will.. cuz I always
do... hehe I'm just smart like that... well I dunno what
else to say so I guess I will go... bye bye 4 now