good times, good times
2001-07-06 06:10:53 (UTC)

fish and camels

when the fish drown and the camels thirst i'll still be
holdin on to you. i'll do anything you want me to. anything
at all. i can pretend that i dont' need ya pretend that i
dont care, but baby i'll be yours till the snakes dont'
slither, and the fire is cold. i'm gonna be yours till i'm
old and your gone. and even then i'll be yours still. you
dont' understand how deep and wide i feel about you. no ones
ever had that for you before. how could they? i'm the only
one who could. because it's me darlin. me in the morning
when you wake up, and me at night in that warm spot between
your arms and me all day when you're not there. thinkin of
me wishin you were workin on me instead of the job youre at
now. when the sun is black and the moon is dust floating on
the milky way, i'll still be lovin you. i'll be yours
always. the one you turn to when you need lovin and the one
you turn to when you need a fight. when you're worlds fallin
apart, and when youre riding higher than ever before. it's
me babe. cant you see that? it's me.