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2001-07-06 05:24:07 (UTC)

people are weird.

you talk to me.
like we were something special.
and maybe i was for you.
but you never were for me.
i knew what you wanted
and i tried to give you that
so that for awhile anyway
you could be happy.
because i always wanted
to make you happy.
you never listened to me...
but you talked to me.
you waited for your turn to speak
and didnt even pay attention
that is why youre weak.
and you pretend to be all impowered.
you shave you head.
dye it unnatural colours.
but no matter what you do
i will always be me
and you will always be you
we were never right for each other
but you held on to me
you still do.
and ill support you..
but i cant be everything for you
i cant even converse with you.
but you
you can talk to me.
you can tell me your entire life fucking history
and i will sit and stare
and smile and laugh at all the right times
because you need that
and i want you to be happy..
but you need to realize that
i dont love you.
and i never will.
stop pretending it was fate.
i just happened to be there
that night
and i just happen to like ani too.
everyone is looking for someone
myself included.
but i dont lie to myself.
you need to DO something
youre 20 years old and you dont even have a job?
not to mention school..
i dont understand.
you talk of california.
but when the opportunity arose.
you did not go.
and you talk to me
like we had some hardcore BONDING experiences
you dont even know me
i dont care to know you
why do you still call
and write
and want to get coffee.
you need to let go...
let go of this
because its not there.
and it never was.