My life, one big sarcastic story
2002-07-29 06:39:41 (UTC)


finally i get to hang with my boy! bout time its been like
forever. today is sunday-have grandparents over for dinner
with our unfinished kitchen, have pizza(great for my diet
rite?)its kinda boring ya know. well he calls me cause he
got off work early and he wanted to do something. i was
like so excited i went running around trying to get ready.
my mom was like CALM DOWN!! ne wayz i got to hang out with
him. i only had an hr tho. so we went to the park that is a
few houses down from my house, we hung out and talked, ah
good times good timmmmmeesss. alrite well im in love with
the dude so its all good. lol he is so like me in so many
wayz and yet so different its like opposites attract. since
we had walked down to the park, we had to walk back. i sat
on my drive way and he sat on the brick wall. he had been
cold the whole time we were at the park, which was real
cute cause he was kinda complaining. so the wind starts to
blow and hes like its FREEZING!! i said i would invite him
in if it wasnt for my dad. he laughed. he said he was gonna
leave cause he had to get up early for work and he was just
too cold. he asked for a good nite hug. heheheh the first
time. we're really close but it was just a best friend kind
of thing. so when he ask i was like sure. so we hugged.of
course I'm now totally happy, and nuts. (but i dont let him
know it.) in my head i was thinking i dont wanna let
goooooooo!!! i did. (good girl) he left at 10. at 11 we
both get online, not planned at all its just the norm we
always do, but since tonite was a little different i was
expecting him to be on. ne wayz we talked. we have it
planned that i call him at 10:10 tomorrow on his break so
we know exactly what time we are going to lunch sometime
between 12-1. and then we mite do something after he gets
off. some how we got to the fact that i had something i was
thinking about it and i wouldnt tell and he was whinning
cause he wanted to know. he said well i have to go so if ur
not gonna tell me then good nite. i said well then GOOD
NITE. he said "good night "friend" " uh shocked! a little.
it was one of our "im just playin fights" tho. so he just
logged offline. usually we say ya know bye, good nite,
laterz, and go through a bunch of stuff b4 one of us
actually leaves. a min later my comp says "you've got mail"
so i checked it wishing it was him. hahha lucky me it was
from him. i was so cute!! its like im just messing with
you,dont worry bout me. just spill!! ttyl. oh what a good
boy!! lol oh he cracks me up!! oh i got to remind him to
come up with our "already prepared topic" to talk about. we
didnt get to finish talking about, when he had to leave.
alritey i think thats it thats the somewhat short virsion.
hope something good happends tomorrow. a bientot!