lonely as usual
2001-07-06 05:08:31 (UTC)


Well, we went camping this week. We left Monday at about
12:45 p.m. and was set up by 3. It was really great. Well,
most of it. I had alot of fun. I love my tan, and
everything. I loved swiming, and laying out in the sun. But
mom was being a total bitch, and she was letting her
boyfriend treat us like shit. And last night we were in our
tent and my mom and him were not aware of me being awake.
So I overheard them talking. She said that this would have
been a better trip if she hadn't of brought the kids. I
could have killed her. Then on Monday night I heard her
boyfriend say that kids weren't supposed to have fun on
this camping trip. NO!!! My mom let him say this. She
claims she didn't hear this, but hell. Okay. Bye.

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