KUtE LiL AsHLeYs DiArY! :o)
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2002-07-29 05:59:08 (UTC)

JuLy 28, 20002

hey guys!!~
well like i duno these things look kinda cool so im guna
have one of my very own! hehe!! wow! today was a hectic
day! i'll tell yah! haha, well i had to like babysit for 6
long boring hours...2 kids and i got 12 lousy bucks...that
was crazy! soOoO then i get home and chris is mad at me! :o
( so im like greeeeeat! then my mom is like yellin at me
and grounds me for 2 WHOLE weeks and i duno why! then rick
like totally betrayed me and is like a complete ass
hole...so we rnt rele friends anymore! so i was in a very
bad mood! haha, but then i called chris and his friend and
they made me feel all better! well i hope all of you guys
had a better day than i did! LoL....tomorrow should be a
lot better...i hope! haha, so today was a pretty boring
day...but oh well! hopefully this week will be
better...just PrAy for me! lol, i hope i can get through 2
weeks of being GrOuNdEd.....dumb shit i tell yah!
well im out! luv yah all! ::MuAz:: ~ashley~

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