My Diary
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2002-07-29 05:38:06 (UTC)


Ok. so i met this guy (Billy) and i thought he was cute
and all but he was younger than me and i told myself i
would never go out w/ someone younger than me. but then i
really got to know him and found out that he really liked
me. he's nice sweet and hott but i still didn't know if i
should or not. so i finally told myself to go for it. so
he asked me out almost two weeks ago and i've had the best
time of my life. i'm glad i told myself to go for it. but
now i've found another guy i like and his name is Devin.
Devin's younger than me to but i don't know if i would go
out w/ him cuz he seems like he would make a better friend
than he would a boyfriend. oh well i don't care cuz i've
already got a guy. well i have to go cuz it's like 12:30
and i have to wake up at 9. probably wont do it though.
luv yaz

Ok. so now this is like what now 4 months later.
anywayz... me and billy broke up then i went out with
Dustin (August 15-20) and then i went out with Allen
(August 31) and then Dustin (September 21-24)
gain and then Allen (September 24-October 30). Me and
Allen broke up because he would rather go out with some
chic named Bre. Well come to find out Bree is cheating on
him. i dunno if i should tell him or not cuz i'm afraid if
i do tell him he'll just be like whatever your just
jealous and not believe me but then i wanna tell him cuz i
don't want him to get hurt too much cuz he really loves
this girl a lot. help me figure out what i'm supposed to
do. tellhim or just let him find out on his own? Luvz ya

Well bre and allen finally broke up in like march... come
to find out he was cheating on her to.. the poor girl.. me
and her are like best friends now... or we were. i hardley
ever talk to her nemore. and i think she likes allen
again. she's krazie. he's just gunna end up hurtin her
again... i found a new guy.. actually he's not new but
i really like him... his name is Devin. we went out in
december... it was cool but we broke up cuz we hardly ever
got to see each other. and now we're like really close and
i don't know if i should talk to him bout us going out
again or not cuz i'm tired of turning down guys for him...

ok well me and devin hung out a lot last summer.. we are
so close right now... we talked about going out again and
we both agree it would be best to wait till i turn 16 so
we'll be able to see each other more.. i saw him like two
weeks ago.. it was so cool. well i'm goin for now.. chao

ok the whole devin thing is really confusing me now.. i
dont know wut i should do.. hes holding out for me.. its
kinda weird.. the other night we were talking and i was
like ya know i want a boyfriend and he was like i do too
except i dont want a boyfriend i want a girlfriend.. and i
was like yeah i know wut u meant and then he goes.. i want
a girlfriend i could go out w/ for a couple of months and
then jus blow it off.. and i was like do what?!? and he
goes i'd have to break up w/ her before summer started and
i was like why and he goes arent u forgetting someone and
i was like who? and he goes us.. arent we supposed to get
together and i was liek o yeah.. i know he likes me a lot
but at times it doesnt seem like it.. i dunno maybe i'm
jus goin crazy all this alcohol is fuckin w/ my brain
now.. lol well i'm gunna go.. bye bye

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