Oh,The Insanity
2002-07-29 05:13:06 (UTC)

Chances Are...

I got my car fixed. Yay, I learned how to install tie rods
and I'm gonna learn how to change my oil and replace my
brakes, so vicki, I am not a helpless girl anymore :-)
So, adam called me today...which was slightly weird cuz he
hasn't called me in forever. It sorta scared me cuz it was
so unexpected, but we talked for an hour(or so he said) and
then Tom came to fix the car. Then I called after they
left - with izzy - and then I called adam back and we
talked for another hour...crap, $20 phone bill again.
I'm gonna go see him tomorrow...or today actually, anyway.
I miss him so much. It's like, I go to reach for him, and
he's too far away. I know he says that love is about
friendship and I totally agree with him, I just miss having
him around and it's slightly awkward asking him to hug
me...or anything like that. I wish i could start over