Cali Life
2001-07-06 04:47:37 (UTC)

Just Kickin it

Where do i start...well, here's a little intro: They call
me Super Kim (inside joke) I'm a 8th girl living in the
cali valley.

Enuff of that...now imma get soem things off of my mind..

I love my friends, i love everyone i know one way or
another..but there are times that some of them can really
get inside my head, i just want to scream out and slap,
letting them know that they arent the only ones in this
world, that their missing pen isn't the biggest problem in
the moment. Just be somewhat considerate. I mean, i
believe in freedom if speech, but you gotta know that the
people around you gotta listen to ya!!! Be careful what
you say cuase u can seriously cause some emotional damage
to others.
Aight, then there are just people who are so critical abotu
things...i dont hate them, i just feel bad that they can't
take one second to lighten up and breathe...thas really all
i want to say about that.
ok now my BIGGEST thought-discrimination, especially
racism. I don't care what you say its wrong. Ok, theres a
fine line between having pride in yourself and your race
and then theres being racist...i admit i have been apart of
the "azn pride till i die" scene at one point, but never
have i said that asians are better than anyone, or that
anyone is less of a person becuase of their ethnicity...but
i have heard that said and man, i boil up inside but i just
kepe quiet because i know how er...passionate i can be in a
statement and i dont want to do anything i would regret.