~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
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2001-07-06 04:46:58 (UTC)

~*~Over-load of the brain~*~

I have so many thoughts going on in my mind right now.
About pretty much EVERYTHING going on around me. I want to
be able to trust Karyn again sometime but i don;t think i
will be able to anytime in the near future. From what i
have experienced in my past with her and with other people
who have called themselves my "friends" i am to believe
that she wants or plans on having something happen between
her and Jason. For all i know while i was alseep at
Jason's one night something could have happened with them.
I mean some on Jason and i have fucked in the same room
same bed as her and she had not even woke or know what had
just gone on with her there so who says that nothing could
have gone on there with them. She keeps sayin "how could
anything happen with me and him when you are with me
everytime i even see him or talk to him" Well, there are
many ways something could happen!!!!! God Damn she must
think i am a fucking retard!!!

Geez am i happy i have somewhere i can come and write all
my thoughts out and express my anger with out having to
yell at someone and have some fight get started over

If i were a poet i bet i would be writing great poetry
right now, i just have no talent in writing what so ever.
LOL! Well, i want to write more cuz i am in the writing
mood but i am all out of things to write. Shows what great
writting talent in have. So i guess if i think of more to
write lata i will write more but i am outies for now.

Dude why does like almost any guy i like that Karyn and i
have met together almost always end up liking her?????
What the hell is so wrong with me? I hate people in
general i think cuz every person i do like either hates me
or likes someone else who is "better" than me or
something. The world is a fucked up place and i have
decided that guys are hella fucked up!!

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