life's a bitch..it just had puppies
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2001-07-06 04:45:51 (UTC)

~~its such a..

~~its such a contradiction..should i lie or tell the
thruth..is it fact or ficton..there aint nothin else to
~~its so complicated, so frustrating..i wanna make you go
away, i wanna make you stay..
~should i say it...should i lie or tell the truth..but then
again i say its so complicated....

...thats my song...my life is so confusing right now, i
dont know what to do w/my self, i feel like im going in 10
different directions, which i probably am. but i havent had
the time to write in this damn thing, and it keeps sending
me emails..so i thought it was about time. i still dont
have a bf, i probably wont have one for a while..ill just
get headaches. thats about it right now im headin out..