Highway to Hell
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2001-07-06 04:31:56 (UTC)

end of passions play

well fuckin lindy talked to me for about 2 god damn minutes
its like she trys to fuckin hurt me and its bull shit cause
god damn i had her fallin for me for a long time but now
i'm a black cloud up ahead. she just pisses me off
sometimes cause she just isn't the same anymore. i think
she still wants to be friends but its like she doesn't have
time for and old friend anymore. i know wishing for the old
times isn't gonna do shit but she could at least attemp to
care about me like she did. i guess its just frustrating
the hell out of me cause i don't want to lose her cause she
was the only person i could turn to for a longtime. she
talked me out of my depression which i thank her for but
she is kinda makin me slip back into it a little.wait shes
on right now but should i really make an effort to talk to
her since she treated me like such shit. ya i should at
least try and start a convo with the kid. must have been
her mom cause as soon as i said something she signed off.
her mom started talkin to me once it was kinda odd. anywho
i can't believe i just fuckin typed all this shit in like
two minutes. well i'm now listening to my all time favorite
song master of puppets by metallica i'll we on that note.
wish me luck with the lindy thing. bye