down in my eyes
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2002-07-29 03:29:58 (UTC)


Sure, i know what i need.. 'N i know what i Can't
have.. but i can't figure out what i Want,.. in anything
at all. It doesn't even matter,... in the end. Everything
breaks, .. or dies. I'll never be... anything, at all.
What am i working so hard for?
There's noothing to work for. 'N there's noothing to try for.
There's noothing to endeavor...

'N.. Yes, i still miss you, alot. but.. PLEASE don't pretend
to be here,... if you're only gonna be gone. please stop
messing with my head..
You're only hurting me more than you'd ever know.
'N you'll Never know... how much you affect me..
Please, stop...


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