~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-07-06 04:23:11 (UTC)

~*~Some "friends"~*~

WOW! The last two days have been pretty interesting.
Lastnight Morgan hung out with Karyn and i. We went to 6th
and main then wanted to go to this party with these 2 guys
so they drove and took us out to like the middle of NO
WHERE it was weird. Then we go back to my car and the 2
guys like followed us and stuff they followed us all the
way to my house so the 3 of us just ended up staying home
and just going to sleep.

Today Morgan, Sara, Karyn and i went to Ink Vision to get
Sara's tongue peirced then we came home and started to pack
up everything in my room. That took us awhile then we dyed
out hair and ate dinner and the usual stuff.

I think that Karyn wants Jason or to at least
do "something" with him. It really upsets me! She asked
to use the phone today to call BRANDON so after she called
i pressed redial and it called none other than MY JASON! i
was hella pissed and told her and she denied the whole
thing i mean come on there wasn't a freakin ghost in my
house that just randomly calls Jason! So that made me
really upset then on top of that she has to go and start
lying about it all! This isn;t the first time i have
caught her trying to do something with him or calling him
or even e-mailing him. So i e-mailed him cuz i was so
upset and asked him if him and Karyn have ever done
anything or were even planning on do anything. He wrote me
back and said that i wasn't evn close and that he wouldn;t
no has he done anything with her. So i am hoping that this
is all true....i do not believe a word Karyn sai but i do
believe Jason so i just have to hope that he is telling me
the truth of whats going on.

Whoa i wrote a lot bout that whole thing. It just has been
pissing me off a lot lately i am ALWAYS thinking about it
and it hurts me more and more if i think it is all true
that they have or plan on doing something behind my back.
Oh well soon i will be in Cali with my BRANDON! I will
marry him someday! :-) hehe! i can hope so at least.

Well, i am outies for the night...ADIOSNESS!