Britt's No Brainer Thoughs
2001-07-06 04:21:02 (UTC)

Watering Eyeballs.

I looked up a Yahoo search for an online diary. I am so
sick of because they keep going down. Looking
at the computer screen and typing this out makes my eyes
watery .. Um, wait a minute, I have allergies.

Nothing intresting has been occuring in my life so far.
Except that I have to go to summer school this coming up
Monday, and don't even know how to ride a bike. It is my
fault though? Yes, that I have to go to summer school, No
on the fact that I haven't even rode a bike since I was 5
years old. I'm hoping that my grandpa doesn't talk crap
about me saying that I suck on riding a bike. Nikki is a
good teacher though. Better than my dad. He always
complains when I make mistakes, well, everyone DOES make
mistakes, no one is perfect. I gotta get my arse out of the
house at 10 am tomorrow morning, because my dad is going to
bomb the house and we're gonna go to my grandpa's house. I
just hope that my dad buys new screen's for the window
because all the fleas and flies get into the house. The
cats who reside in the Ching's residence, they're teenage
rebels. At least they are wanna be rebels.

My mum came over today, at 2:30 pm, and I told her that
Bill (my boyfriend, but she doesn't know) was trying to
scan some pics of his. She got HELLA impatient and so did
I. Stressing out is bad, I've been stressing out from last
summer. One year exact. I dont know what to do with my
life. It's just so screwed up. And my mom has the right
to 'borrow,' 2 cans of canned food from my dad's house, and
what the heck? Today is her PAYDAY. Which means she can get
her own food. I dont know about her sometimes. But she's my
mother though, if you know what I mean. I have to go now,
start on Chapter 2 of this story that I'm writing, send it
out, read,"The Princess Diaries Volume II," and go to
bed .. Hopefully I'll be in a good mood in the morning when
Bill calls.

Sometimes, I hate keeping things to myself to my parents. A part of
me wants to tell my parents that my boyfriend is a 19 year old. But
than again, my head would get chopped off, and I wouldn't be allowed
to go online anymore. All my privlages would be taken away. And I
mean, .. ALL OF THEM. It kind of felt weird at first, dating a 19
year old, but now it's fine. Actually, I met him online. Great, eh?
So you are saying to yourself, what does a 19 year old see in a 14
year old? Um, well, lets just say that this guy is different from
alot of the guys out there who are 19. Bill. I fell in love
immediatly after I saw his picture. Love at first sight. I never
believed in that honestly. Love comes unexpected. I've been in this
long-distance relationship for 9 months on the 15th of this month.
It's hard, oh yes. But I know I can make it. I used to have doubts.
Confused. Because I'm wondering so hard that I'll spend the rest of
my life with him. I know he's real too. I heard his heart beat over
the phone yesterday, which I found was TOTALLY romantic. Hehe *heart
melts thinking about it* Oh yes, I will tell my parents later like
uh, 6-7 years from now. But I can't tell the future. People say that
it's 'statutory rape,' but it isnt, until they have sex. Yes, take my
brother and his soon to be high school senior girlfriend for example,
jeez, yesterday night, I was on my bed, reading,"Princess Diaries
Volume I," and I heard a bed shaking. Hmmm .. really? Like I dont
know what that means. She's 17, and he is 20. Um, well, I dont plan
on fucking when I meet Bill in October ..