my life
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2002-07-29 02:31:52 (UTC)

regular day

today was a regular day except that my dog got car sick. i
never knew that a dog could be car sick but i found out
that they can. :( she's only 13 weeks old but we have been
taking her for short car rides except today it was longer.
my dad and me decided to take a trip over the mountain to
take my dog swimming but we found out she is way to hyper
to take on long trips. about the time we got home she
jumped up front and had a weird look on her face so i
thought something was up with her and put her in the back
seat. good timing too cuz after she got in the back she
threw up. ewwww. i get totally grossed out about stuff like
that. so that was the highlight of my day besides that ive
got a lot of stuff on my mind. mainly about my horse on
wether i should keep her or not. plus the guys im wondering
about even though i know where both are gonna end up. oh
well...my day has been another boring day so i guess im off
to watch some tv. later

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