Mr. Journal
2001-07-06 04:07:30 (UTC)

First entry 07/05/01

Ok Well this is just a little weird(internet diary), but I
think that I am going to get used to it. Well yesterday was
the 4 of july and we had a family BBQ and did fireworks
across the street at Becky's It has fun except that it ran
too late and I didn't have time to go to the lake with
Chelsea. I felt bad. O well. Tomorrow I'm going to a
concert with Chelsea and Tiffany it's going to be a blast.
Life is going good I guess, I was at Falls Creek Last week
with Katie and Amelia is coming home in two days. Right now
every thing is great. Well work sucks Chad only gave me 3
hours on the next schedule. that is stupid. I started to
look for another job, I think that I am going to aply at
the salt cellar. And.... How could I still forget I am
still crushing on Dan it is really too bad that he likes
Katie. Even worse for him that she doesn't like him. But
she has no reason to worry he wouldn't like me in a million
years. But lets forget my pity party. I think that that is
all right now in my life so I'll talk to you later.
Whitney Nadine