Highway to Hell
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2001-07-06 03:49:27 (UTC)

So F*cking What

some people change lindy has been very reluctant to talk to
me lately and i don't know why we have been the best of
friends for like a year and she just changed but i think
were still friends but we don't talk about anything
important anymore and thats crap cause i wish it was the
same as it always was. but quoting dave grohl "everything
fades in time its true" but i'm gonna talk to her later and
be a real sweetheart haha.

Drumming today:

the who-baba o'reily (teenage wasteland)
the who-won't get fooled again
metallica-seek and destroy
metallica-no remorse
metallica-creeping death
metallica-the call of ktulu
metallica-ain't my bitch
metallica-sabbra cadabra
metallica-whiskey in the jar
metallica-tuesdays gone
metallica-master of puppets
metallica-enter sandman
korn-freak on a leash
korn-got the life
korn-dead bodys everywhere
pm5k-when worlds collide