2002-07-29 00:31:08 (UTC)

Peoria Road

I went to Corvallis this morning by way of Peoria Road.
The road follows the Willamette River which means it curves
a lot but then, that makes it fun to drive even if one is
driving a red minivan with an automatic transmission and not
a red sports car with a stick shift. Well, I can dream,
can't I?

I drove by Mennonite farms with their neat gardens,
clotheslines, orchards and houses with wide front porches, a
blueberry farm with row after row of bushes loaded
with berries, and then through the little unincorporated
town of Peoria itself with its old church and its notorious
speed trap. Yes, I remembered to slow down.

I could see flashes of the river as I drove and hawks
hovering above grass seed fields on my right hunting for
rodents and snakes and, on my left, others over the river
looking for fish. I went by the boat landing which was
crowded with cars, as usual for a Sunday, but didn't see or
hear a single boat on the river. There was little traffic
which made the trip especially enjoyable. No tractors,
no one tailgating me because I wouldn't go faster than the
speed limit and no one dawdling, making it necessary for me
to watch their driving instead of the scenery.

And even better, it was exactly the same when I drove back
home. What a lovely Sunday drive!