Cute Chaos

2002-07-28 23:12:28 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 25th

I baby-sat for Amber today while she went to a dentist
appointment. She had the quickest appointment I have ever
seen. It was only an hour. She is lucky. We went shopping
today also at Target. It was a lot of fun. I got some cute
clothes. I tired on a lot of stuff too. We have to put
something on hold for me and go back later and get it. It
was funny. I spent $140 and for once i ran myself
completely broke. I feel really bad because I did not get
Korrie anything else other than the volleyball for her
birthday. She was saying not to get her anything but that
is still not and excuse. I would like her to do the same
for me. I was talking with amber and She thought that the
volleyball was enough because she did not get my anything
for my birthday. I still feel bad though. Maybe I can get
some more money from my dad and get her something. When I
got back to Ambers house for supper I went right for the
food. I ate like 3 chicken legs and a chicken breast with a
bowl and 1/2 of fresh cut green beans. It was good. I don't
know why I was so hungry.

I had a really good talk with Jessi again. I feel like I
have to protect her form the world. I know that she know
how it works but it is because she had learned though other
peoples experience. What has happened to her with Ryan and
Jon are so unfair because she is such a good person and
does not deserve that.

I looked up my biological father on the internet. I found
out that he lives in Raymond WA and his phone number. His
address is unlisted though. I really wish I would me able
to mail him. I am really curios to know what his side of
the family is like.

The storm tonight was awesome. I love the rain. I hope we
get more big storms. I was going to go play in it but it
started to hail. Maybe next time.