Cute Chaos

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2002-07-28 22:56:31 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 24th

This morning social services called. The told me dad about
my rape. My dad was asking all sorts of questions along
with my grandmother. I don't want to deal with it again. I
have already put it away into storage to be forgotten and
now I have to make a statement and press charges. I don't
want things to change with hunting. I have fun. I don't
want people to think that I am the little girl who squealed
and screwed up his whole life, or that I am making it up.
It really hurt me when Jon, Ryan, and Chris said that I was
making it up and doing it for attention. My grandmother
wants me to get counseling. I don't want to. I am over it.
I got my help from my friends. I just want it all to be

I am so happy that my dad allowed Tony to come over today.
We had so much fun. He meet Amber because she stopped by to
visit for a little while. Tony, Amber, MJ, Zach, and I went
swimming. The water was nice but it was cold outside. It
was fun. The lake we went to was really nice. I will have
to go back there. We were only there for about two hours
because it was so cold outside. I got to drive home! You
could tell that Tony was jealous because he kept getting on
me about my driving and making fun of me. Then we went to
the park and played. My dad kind of caught me laying on top
of him kissing him. OOPS, Big time! Oh well. He will get
over it. It was nice to see him before he leaves out of
town. I hope that he has fun.