Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-07-28 22:19:32 (UTC)

Bliss Monkey...

I went to a party last night, my friend Mylene was throwing
her first one.. It was so cute, I remember the time like 4
years ago when she came to one of my 3 day hot tub parties,
she really did herself in... But at 19, she's doing much
better now. Heh, heh...

Let's see, there was Mandy, Terri, Ashley, April, and some
other grrl who I never remember until i see her. They were
all having fun, tearing each others clothes off while thier
respective boi friends watched them make out with each
other. Now, normally, this would be something "oh cool" and
other such things of that nature.. But every party with
those 5 grrls is the same.. Half naked sexual gratification
and lots of alcohol flowing... Sigh, man, I was so bored.
Even when I had a grrl friend and went to these parties, I
still found it to be a little dull. Ah well..

I ended up making out a little with Ashley and Derek, it
was alright. Derek accused me of being such a tease. I got
him so hot and horny Ashly and I started to stroke his
thighs, never touching higher, he was screaming "please,
please." it was fun. Before all that though, he loved the
question I put to him. "Are Bi, or are you just straight
gay?" That put him into a loop, he was already high from
earlier and a little tipsy.. Ashley sat on my left, and
Derek sat on my right. yay. fun.

I was so half drunk. I finished off a bottle of the bottle
of Vodka I brought, and I had some of Johney's. I really
wasn't drunk, I was still coherant, if I had been driving,
I would have been way over the limit, which is why I walked
there, I knew I was going to drink. I brought a bottle of
rum, kahlua, sambucca, vodka and two bottles of wine.
Everyone was having fun. I tried to make sure I didn't get
drunk, actually, most of my friends try to watch how much I
am drinking. They've all heard and 1 was witness to my
infamous stories of drunkeness. Last year I got drunk at a
party where my Ex was at, and the guy with whom she cheated
on my was there too, I just drank and drank and drank. When
my ex and I got home, from what she tells me, I said some
pretty harsh things, and she got very mad and such. I don't
remember, I blackout when I get drunk. When I was 19, I got
so drunk with a couple of friends of mine, we don't
remember half of our trip to Europe, nor how Jake and I
ended up in New York, when we were drinking Toronto. Go
figure. Up until last year, I hadn't been drunk since I was
21. Not bad I have to say. I am really only a social
drinker, when I go to the bar, I have one or two drinks and
thats it. When I am at a party, if I am with someone, I
don't have more than one drink. Most of my friends only see
me drink when I bring over alcohol. The last time I drank
anything more than 2 drinks, was last october, so, the
drinks I had last night really hit me. Thankfully, no
hangover this morning. Actually, I went to bed around 5am,
and woke up 9... Felt really good too...

Last night, sometime I went for a walk with Mandy ther boi
friend cause she had the keys to thier apt, and then I
walked her back to the party. She had this theory that I
didn't like her, I never understood why, I always thought
she was very pretty and intelligent. It was weird, I kissed
her on the cheak of course, and told her she had great
breasts and shouldn't be afraid of anyone saying that they
are too small.I swear, I will never, ever, understand that
about women. Why do so many feel that, if they are small,
they need to be bigger, and when they are big, they want
them small. It's weird, the ones who have them in between,
want them one way or the other instead of what they have.
Of course, i have to say, that I too suffer from that sort
of thing, or at least I used to, and sometimes I feel a
little inadequette. I always wanted to have a bigger penis,
and at times I still do. My ex used to say it was just
fine, great. When I said her breasts were just fine, she
used to throw shit at me. So, yeah.. Wacky...

Man, I think that when I get to london, I am going to have
to have a party at my friend Gords place, just so I can
meet all the people they know and such and so forth. I
won't be drinking, though, only Gord knows how I get at
times, and usually he drinks like a fish, so I will be
watching him... Funny... Ah well...

Everything in moderation... Good motto...

I probably won't have another drink for a couple of months,
that seems to be the way of it with me. I don't smoke, I
barely drink, I've done the occasional weed when I was 17
or 18... Man, I sound so boring... Ah well.. I don't mind..

And hey... It's all good...


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