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2001-07-06 03:35:21 (UTC)

Never wake up

~*I woke up at 2 today which is the latest ive woken up
b4.I guess my body was more exausted then i thought.I hafta
go to the beach with my youth group this saturday and i
have a bad tan line lol.Im going to try to get rid of it
tomorrow.My mom is trying to overwork me already and i
havent even started cross country yet.She told me that i
have to be able to do like 3 miles in 45 minutes by
monday.I was like mom theres no way.She thinks she knows
everything but she knows nothing.I was on krystals sn that
she let me borrow but her mom got on and it kicked me off.I
didnt get back on but i was scared for her.She wrote me an
email telling me not to get ne more bc her mom got pissed
off.I felt really bad.Im always making it bad for
krystal.Like i rung her doorbell and got her grounded cuz
her mom sleeps during the day.Oops.None told me so i
couildnt of known.I felt really bad too bc when she kicked
me off i was talking to eric and i found out that he has no
way of paying for college and he doesnt know what to do.I
always seem to leave him when hes going through
something..i havent been the bestest person to him.But like
ive said b4 im not a good person to know bc i tend to ruin
ppls life.I dont know how im jus bad luck.Today was so
boring.I have a feeling my whole summer is going to be like
this.This is going to be a sucky summer.Well im going to go.

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